About Rose Jones

Who is Rose Jones


Rose Jones is a reflection coach that was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. A proud mother of 4 beautiful children. She graduated from Erie Community College in 2015 with Associate Degree in Applied Science Paralegal. But she decided to continue her education with Master Coach University while enrolled she became a certified Life Coach, and Accountability Coach. She is currently still enrolled in Master Coach University expanding her mind and learning new things. While continuing her education with Master Coach University.

She opens her own coaching Business called “Let Rose Speak “and became Chief Advisor at WomELLE. She works with young women and victim of domestic violence. She gives them the motivation, tools, and skills to overcome the struggles of living a life that’s not true to themselves. By helping her clients overcome their fears, face their past self and mistake, help change their mindset, help them tap into their inner self and help them become their true self.

One of the main reason she became a Reflection Coach was because she believes strongly in empowerment and self-sufficiency. This isn’t just something she believe in it’s something that she works for and make happen in her everyday life. She was once lost living a life that didn’t fit her and she went through great struggles in her life trying to find her true-self. She was a teen mom, a victim of domestic violence and survivor of domestic violence. She also struggles with finding a career path that fitted her, Rose experiments in several areas from fast food, health care, real estate, law and so much more. But through all the searching she ended up finding her true-self and realize that her true passion was helping others and she felt that the best way for her to help others is by helping them unlock their mind and helping them find their true-self. She hoping to help pave the way for Reflection Coaches by helping as many young women and victim of domestic violence get in touch with their true-self, unlock themselves from society rules and live by they own. Today Rose is offering a wide range of coaching program and Services from group coaching, motivational speaking, online training and workshop.