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Group coaching

My Reflection is live 6-week coaching program that will help you to start to see your true-self, this program will help you unlock the mystery that called you. During the 6-week I will give you the tools and skills to start facing you past struggles, accountability, giving yourself permission, living in our purpose an being authentic, overcoming your fears and changing your mindset, and how to act and stop waiting.

  • accountability partner, with hot seat discussions.
  • Facebook support group & email support.
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Self-help programs

Living in Your True-self is online self-pace program it has 4-weeks of pre-recorded material. This program will help to listen to your inner self and how to understand what you are hearing, it helps you develop the skills to help you to start giving yourself permission to be you, how to show gratitude, how to start making changes, how to excise self-love and how to commit to your choices and decision while setting yourself up for success.

  • This program will come in the form of MP3 and Pdf.
  • Facebook support group & email support.
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Individual coaching

Individual coaching is also available upon request for more information please contact Rose by email Rose Is here to help,don’t let you get in your way, Act!!! Contact her Today

  • Facebook support group & email support.
  • An accountability partner.
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Last chance to sign up for a coaching. We start April 3th