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Why I should Sponsor Let Rose Speak?

Let Rose Speak provides support to young women and victim of domestic violence. We create life changing program to help rebuild these young women self-confident,  self -confident,  self-esteem and self-worth and provide them skills and tool to overcome everyday struggles .Also to help them get in touch or back in touch with they true-self. Cause we want them to stay on upclimb in they life .Let Rose Speak is also providing support to these young women on another level , we create a scholarship program to help those who would like access to are life changing program but are facing a challenge in life thats preventing them from doing so, because we want them to know that Let Rose Speak is business but we are not all about making profit , are mission is to make a change .We are creating a family atmosphere.
So by sponsoring Let Rose Speak you will showing your support for are mission and vision .Sponsorship will also show your support for domestic violence victim and helping creating a great future for are young women. Its provides you the opportunity to give back to the community.
Where will my sponsorship funds Go?
The fund will be spend on
– website development
– legal and accounting
– marketing and PR
– Events
– toward a physical location
– sub-contractors to fill the holes for administrative and secretarial duties

Your sponsorship will allow Let Rose Speak to meet all these expense as well as expand our capabilities to maintain our leadership. Funding will allow us to perform at are highest level, enhance our community outreach and be able to have top of line software to improve our programs , to have better documentation and more comprehensive website.

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